Firstly I want to welcome our new ride members on the Fireblade, Speed Triple and Piaggio. I hope you have enjoyed the day and will come out with us again. Apologies to those who we lost and for me not stopping earlier for a comfort break. A valuable lesson learned there.

After a late start, we used the motorway and A55/A483 dual carriageways to make up time. The A483 from Newtown is biker heaven and we made good use of it to the Crossgates junction, where turned left onto the A44 and then to the airfield. Apart from a little rain, that the met office failed to forecast, the weather was dry and sunny most of the afternoon. We watched a few planes and even a gyrocopter taking off and landing, and the gliders getting a tow.

We headed for home on the A49 and stopped for a drink at the Ravens pub near Whitchurch. This is where the group split up and went our seperate ways. Some of us stopped at the Riverside near Weaverton for tea before heading home.

Thank you to everyone who joined in to make it a fantastic day.

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Some pics to browse at.

Some of the group with Jules showing off her new Sidi’s

Some aircraft we saw