I arrived at the start at about 9.30. Way too early. Richard arrived at 10. Oclock and Phil and Nicola and Paul arrived a few minutes later. Maybe I will have to monitor this 10 oclock start time.

We made decent progress on damp roads via Nantwich and Woore and onto the A525 towards Whitchurch. We had a brief stop at Audlem for two of the group who needed a convenience break, before reaching Ravens Cafe just after 12 oclock. Much food and hot drinks was consumed and by the time we got back on the bikes, the rain had arrived. It wasn’t heavy and we managed to carry on the ride without putting our waterproofs on. We took the A49 up to the M56 where the group split up and we headed towards the Wirral with Richard and then home via Liverpool.

We arrived home just before the really bad weather started. We had a great first ride of 2014 with great company, and look forward to more of the same.

Getting ready         

For the off      

Its not only Manchester

Who like eating

Pauls getting the drinks.

Apparantly a rare occasion

Butter wouldn’t melt!

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